Finished Product


Sectional Doors :

Used in the material entry-exit and loading-unloading points of the Factory and Warehouse buildings. Its opening by sliding towards the ceiling, while providing advantage in respect of space, also allows the door opening to be usable in net condition.

The Industrial door consisted of steel sandwich panels provides top level safety and energy saving. Furthermore, the aluminium transparent sectional door is preferred in areas like showrooms because of its transparency.

Sectional doors could be adapted as manual or with motor, They work by sliding inside the rails by using the space between the ceiling height and the door's upper code in the most appropriate way. According to the distance of this space, rail bedding sysytems in various shapes are available.

Garage Doors: :

Garage door systems can be used far all sites you want to ensure security, provide also a comfortable usage and contributes to the aesthetical apperance of the facades.

Garage doors are used all kind of commercial establishments or shopes.

It can be offered in different solutions suitable for wide open areas at the factories or warehouses, for frequent and quick opening and closing by industrial type motors.